DC1_0017 “Oh, John can make that!” That’s been the phrase I’ve heard for quite some time; that’s why I do this.

As you can imagine in an “about John” page, my name is John. I’m not an expert, but I’m working on improving my skills and talents God gave me every opportunity I can since I was very young. As I get older (25 currently) I realize there is a lot more to learn in honing my skills. 

I started out doing woodworking in general making various things when I was about 6; I can remember my first saw I had was an old coping saw that I was using wildly wrong and the finished products showed that too!

At 7 or 8, I did my first “carving” if you could call it that. I took a piece of 2×8 and used a flat chisel to hammer in the letters “I love you Mom,”  into it and gave it as a Christmas Gift. I think she still has it–my brothers took theirs and made kindling out of it for the wood stove.

At age 9 or so, Mom got me a carving class as a Birthday present I believe from our local Woodcraft store, and I carved a wooden spoon. At that time I didn’t like woodcarving all that much, but by age 13, we joined the James River Wood Carvers and mom had gotten me a 5 piece chisel set by FlexCut which I started whittling away with.

God really blessed us with an estate sale and we purchased about 30 chisels or so that were used Swiss Made chisels (premier brand), all for about 60-80% off retail. From that point I really dove into learning woodcarving. I’ve taken classes from world class carvers such as Vic Hood and even did a clay modeling class.

During one of the club meetings, a gentleman came in and asked if there was someone who could carve a female face copy. He was restoring an old peice of furniture and he needed a copy done of this Roman-esqe figurine. Merv, the club president at the time (also a VERY good carver) said to this guy, “yeah we have someone–John Can Make It.” Reluctantly, he agreed and at 13, I blew this guys socks off. It took me a few weeks but I got it right and he absolutely loved the replica I carved for him.

Taking the skills I’ve learned over the years and not being afraid of trying anything in woodworking, I’ve taught classes, done many commissioned projects, painted, airbrushed, made signs, laid gold leaf, used HVLP spray guns, and pretty much everything else in this world that involves “doing things with my hands.”

My goal for blogging is to share with the world the creativity the God gave me. This reminds me of a scripture, Proverbs 22:29 – Do you see a man skilled in his work? He will stand before kings, he will not stand before obscure men.

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