A woodworking friend forwarded my information to a prospective client about getting some lettering carved into a boat banner–at least that’s the best way I can describe the piece of wood.

Neil brought me a piece of mahogany that his father had carved 40+ years ago; I assume it was already warped and he did what he could with it, and boat banner or plaque seemed to fit.

Carving lettering is its own art form. Layout and design also has it’s own challenges. Working at a sign shop for 6 years certainly helps.

Neil asked that the lettering fill out the width and height of the banner, which I plotted on paper prior to transferring to the wood.




After adjusting the letters a few times and getting the right arc, I used paint mask to cut a stencil. Weeding out the letters, I applied the mask to the wood and peeled off the transfer tape.



Sparing the every chisel cut, here’s a few pictures of the carving process (carving inside the River Bend lettering). Once they are carved, the V voids are primed and painted.

Carved_R V_Carved

Once the primer and paint dried (2 coats of oil based spray primer, and 2 coats of gold paint), I peeled off the blue colored stencil material and revealed the perfectly crisp lettering.