A friend from church knows that I do custom woodworking and carving, and was curious if I could make him a very special box for him and his wife’s 10th wedding anniversary. They have 6 kids, so it had to be durable, as my friends said, “My kids break everything!”

Originally, he wanted a heart shaped box, but the contents of what would go in the box was VHS Tape (remember those dinosaurs?) of his wedding ceremony, which they said they would re-watch on their 10th wedding anniversary. The second item was going to be a wooden ring box, which held a wooden ring as well that he’d made years ago.

I steered Ricky away from a heart shaped box and we went with something with a little more symmetry. My thought was a “false book” with a sliding lid, since if it had hinges, those could break easily (with the kids).

I started out with a Sketchup drawing, figuring out the dimensions of a VHS tape; Ricky approved and I proceeded with some materials that I had lying around, mixing multiple woods and woodworking styles.

I wood-burned in the lettering on the side of the “Book” binding, and also on the lid which were all custom requests.

This book box was quite fun to make, and it’s always fun to bless someone with something so special!