Repeat customers are the best customers. Sara in NC contacted me in early August 2014 when I was sitting in an airport in Indiana coming home from a family reunion. She’d requested a dart board cabinet for her now fiance, John.

Scouring all over the interwebs, she saw things that she liked, but trusted the quality and service we provide to everyone to make a bottle opener.

A few back and forth emails, and we came up with this sketch. Rather than working up matching letter, I went off the reservation with the customization.

Beer me sketch


We ordered a rust color bottle opener to attach to the top of the board off of Amazon. I didnt get too many process pics as we started this on December 15th, and needed it by 12/23–busy times in the shop!

pine_board bottle openergluing

I added small glue blocks in the corners to make sure the box that catches the beer tops wouldn’t be too flimsy and break when the first semi-tipsy guy gets aggressive with that pesky bottle top. The glue is actually stronger than the wood; there are no nails in this fastening of the catching box.

After I put on several coats of polyurethane and attached the rust color bottle opener, I cut on the plotter the custom lettering. Nilsson on the front of the box, and Beer Me just below the opener. Definitely a man-cave addition worthy of putting up!