What a fun project. This butcher block cart was actually for my mom, who likes to sit in a chair while she preps food vs standing at the counter. So, custom built at 27″ high. It needed to be appropriately big too so there’s actually room to prep/chop food.

I started out cutting 1.5″ blocks that were 2″ tall, I thought I had enough and did a rough layout and realized I only had about 40% of what was needed. So I ended up cutting 1″ blocks too and added some filler strips to make the extra area.


The darker blocks were Walnut.

The medium/medium lighter blocks were oak (more distinct grain pattern).

The really lighter wood is maple.

The red tinted wood is mahogany (I know it’s a softer wood, but I was scrambling for scraps).

As you can see, there was a lot of glue ooze, and unfortunately a lot of variation on height from the blocks. Even though I cut them all with a stop on the chop saw, stuff happens.


We ended up laying the entire block after it all dried on the woodmizer saw mill, and skim cutting both sides. It flattened everything out, but left it all really rough.

Then we went to the drum sander to get it smoothed out.










IMG_3302 IMG_3303









The saw mill unfortunately left some uneven-ness (worse than originally), but the drum sander with 60 grit seemed to make “quick” work of the variation.

The edges were trimmed on the table saw to make it all square (had to remove the blade stiffener to get the depth up in the saw). Then, I used EVERY long clamp I owned to glue  on the maple edge banding to finish it nicely. That maple had some warp/twist in it so the clamps straightened it up.

IMG_3353 IMG_3355

I used tube steel to weld up the frame. I also added a shelf/pin system on the side so she could chop food, and slide off and drop into a dish or remove to drop into trash can. The shelf incorporates a sub-shelf that holds the side shelf when not in use. Clever I thought.

I cut a 2×4 to make it square, and attached that to the welded base (fastened with (3) bolts). and then used small lag screws to attach the casters. 2 coats of polyurethane on the base feet.

The final finish was butcher block conditioner. 7 coats, and it soaked in nicely.