On many of my Dart board cabinets, I use my Dewalt router to make the edges. Routing a border is easy when you have the right tools and set up. On my dart board cabinets, I’ve become a fan of staining the cabinet dark, and routing a border and carving the letter through the stain into the lighter wood to give the end product a really crisp design element. I worked for years in a sign shop, so the concepts of design and finishing are pretty ingrained in me at this point!

After I cut the the shape of a dart board cabinet door and get it sanded and stained, I apply my pattern using graphite paper.

Letter B Tracing Letter B

After the pattern is transposed onto the cabinet doors, I use my toggle clamp and anti slip pad to hold down each door as I carve them. I used a few basic carving tools, primarily a “V” chisel, and a flatter chisel to remove a lot of the wood.

Basic Carving tools

I typically draw a center line on my letters, but I’ve gotten proficient with free handing with my carving. I took the V-Tool and and started down the middle of the letter, gradually going deeper and wider with a combination of all the different chisels.

carving a BCarving letters


After carving the letters (and Antlers for another dart board cabinet I did for a client in NY), I set up my router with an edge guide and 3/4″ bull nose router bit to route the borders. I have hand carved the borders before, but that is quite time consuming in comparison to the router. Here’s a video of me routing the borders on 4 cabinet doors:

Hope you enjoyed!

The next steps in finishing these doors is to clean them off of dust and particles, and apply the polyurethane.

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