Carvings are so incredibly unique since there are so many variations and styles of woodcarving (i.e. relief, “in the round”/3D, or even chip carving). John learned carving at age 13, and there’s not much out there that can’t be carved.

One client wanted a special owl carved with “little feathers on the belly.” This was easy–John started with a 2D sketch, and turned it into a 3D piece of art. The client gave the peice to his daughter as a going away present before she headed off to college.

John also made a very unique box, custom made for a Pandora bracelet. The box alone was a thoughtful gift too.

Another client wanted John to make a slingshot with a very special “wolf” carved into the front. This was her daughters only Christmas present, and it HAD to be hand made by Santa. John was ‘ol St. Nick with this custom carved Wolf Slingshot.

If you’d like something hand carved to match an existing item, or add a little something to an existing peice, contact us with what you have in mind.

Carving and Routing

On many of my Dart board cabinets, I use my Dewalt router to make the edges. Routing a border is easy when you have the right tools and set up. On my dart board cabinets, I've become a fan of staining the cabinet dark, and routing a border and carving the letter through the stain [...]

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Making a sling shot

You can see my Facebook page and stay connected that way here. This project started out from a friend who was contacted at my local carving club. Someone from the Charlottesville Virginia area wanted a “very special” sling shot made for Christmas. I started out with a few emails back and forth with this girl’s [...]

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