Making furniture is always fun, but finding the right size, style, color and price can be difficult. Everything we make is custom, so if you have something in mind let us know. A recent client needed a headboard built for their guest bedroom, so after making a 3D model in Sketchup, we started the construction and installed it in just a few weeks.

A friend wanted a dart board cabinet made; she had ordered one off of a major online retailer and was disappointed with the quality of materials and workmanship which is to be expected from a major retail shop. She contacted us and we build a really neat dart board cabinet with a chalk board scoring chart on the inside of the door.

Another client needed a hall tree built with the option of incorporating pictures into the “windows’ of the piece. She also wanted the lid of the bottom to have an “L” carved into it to make it theirs.

John even built himself a entertainment center to hold a flat panel TV. He drew a 3D model, knowing all the dimensions and worked out all the kinks of a custom design before the build. After the design work is completed, it’s just a matter of purchasing and construction. This piece was made for a 37” flat panel TV.

Custom made furniture is right up our alley, so if you are disappointed with what retail offers you, let’s start the custom building conversation.

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