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Just like the Men’s Grilling Challenge Trophy there has to be a Corn Hole trophy for any given tournament. This is an item I’m hoping to sell via Etsy in my store there.

A friend (and in fact a repeat customer) asked If I could come up with a trophy for her church’s tournament, and of course, John Can Make It! So I drew up a design while watching TV one night and emailed PDF”s to her, and boom–order placed.

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I made all the corn hole trophy bags individually too (although slightly a chore). I took material and folded it along one long edge and made a series of stitches on a sewing machine to create most of the bag, then cut them all out. Filling the 1×1 in bags with rice, I then sewed the open end up and cut off the excess with a sharp pair of upholstery scissors.

For the finish on the base, I just used a sanding sealer (lacquer based–boy that stuff smells!), which gave it my satin finish. The miniature corn hole boards are made of 3/4″ pine boards which I milled down to about 5/8-1/2″ thick. I drilled a 1″ hole partially through, then used s small pilot bit to go all the way through (so I could find the center with a bigger drill bit). I flipped it over and used a 1 1/2″ fostner bit to cut out the backside. This gave the impression of a “thin” plywood top like a normal corn hole board would have.

Here is a hodgepodge of process pictures of two corn hole trophies I made:


2013-10-01T10-53-23_3 2013-10-01T10-56-25_1 2013-10-01T10-56-25_0 2013-10-01T10-56-25_5 2013-10-01T10-56-25_7  2013-10-01T10-56-25_9 2013-10-01T10-56-25_13 2013-10-01T10-56-25_17