A friend at a local church asked if we could re-make their Parrish a new cross that stood tall outside of their church building. What they had was an old run-down 4×4 construction post that was rotting so bad that when we removed the original, it fell over and broke in half!

The cross that we fashioned was made of 6×6 posts that had to be cut down to size. It stands 9 feet tall from the grade and 6 foot wide from the cross beam. The pastor, Mike, after it was installed said, “it just looks so…manly!”

Rather than just notching the posts and making a generic square post cross, we gave it some JCMI customization with routered edges, and lettering carved into the front, “He is Risen,” in remembrance of Jesus rising from the dead. Its a visual reminder of what He did for us, delivering us from sin, rising from the dead and forgiveness and such.

To keep the monster in the ground, we added a 50 lbs bag of quickcrete around the base, along with dirt during the install. The next rain got it wet to solidify the concrete.

Below is a video of John routing the edges of the cross beams.