In case you missed part one, or part 2 of the Dart Board Cabinet series, click here. Also, in case you are just tuning in, this is the finished project, but I like to show the step by step process of how I build things for clients.

Finished Dart Board Cabinet

After finishing the lettering and wood burning, I’m really on the home stretch with getting it all finished. Since I did the “Hasse” on one door, the score board went on the other side.

I drew out with a Stabilo wax pencil the markings and taped off where I didn’t want the chalk board paint. I used 3M 1/4” fine line tape to separate the score board too since it’s the perfect width.





I used 2 coats of Rustoleum black chalkboard paint for the score board. It holds up really well and wipes off with a wet paper towel easily.

After the paint dried and tape was peeled off, the only thing left to do was attach the finished doors, screw in the dart board, and attach the corks.

I used simple hinges from the big box store to attach the dart board cabinet doors to the main box. If you’ve ever attached hinges, you know to pre-drill a pilot hole so the screw threads nicely and in the right spot too.


I employed my beautiful bride to “help” with putting in the corks; she kicked me off my own project and hot-glued in all the corks for me Smile.




The big reveal is coming!

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