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I left off on Part 1 of this series by sanding and finishing the top of the end table, but now it’s time to see how I made the table legs. These were fun to make—I did a 3 step video series below seeing the turning process. Rough out to finished carving.


Part 2 shows a little more detail on the legs.


Here is one finished leg for the end table—turned 2 more to “match.” By no means was it a perfect match but set apart they looked alike; when it comes to this stuff for me, I’m not very exact, especially when the overall look that Jerry wanted was “rustic cabin.”


After turning all three legs, I drew out “branches” to break up the formalness of the table leg. Having them turned just didn’t do it for me, they needed something extra.


After carving them, it was time to put it all together and do the final coats of finish—that’s part 3!

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