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To finish out this posting series, here is the construction of the base for this odd table. I took a board of maple and ripped it into 3 1/2” wide strips, and planed it down to 3/4” thick.


The placement of the legs was some what critical to the what angle/length I’d cut the underlying supports. I placed the 3 carved legs, and traced out the shape (squares) of the legs to give myself a visual. I used the Kreg Jig to put pocket screws in hold the legs down. Some use a screw that goes into the table top and into the table leg, and the more you twist the leg the tighter it gets.

Pocket screws hold just fine…



After placing the legs where I wanted them on the bottom of the end table, I cut some of the maple boards to get the flat edge joined together, and pocket hole screwed those down too.


This seemed to hold down the legs just fine. I custom cut the rest of the legs’ angles to fit snugly and have nice mitered edges.



once it was all together, I tested a few pieces of scrap with what stain I liked the most, and didn’t want to take away from the finished top. I settled on a dark stain, which made it contrast nicely. It was a Minwax wipe on, then I used a dry rag to wipe off any excess.


Here’s the finished product of the end table:


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