So waking up on a Saturday morning and getting started on an exciting project like this entertainment center is generally one of my favorite things. I started making the base out of 2×4’s, using plugs in the ends to hide the screw holes.


For the arc on the front, I took a strip of 1/4” plywood and used 2×4 spacers to build it out.


For the top, I used another piece of 1/4 plywood. I cut it larger than the base, used a flush cut bit in the router and trimmed off the excess.


The other part I worked on that day was the edges of the entertainment center. I used pocket screws made by Kreg, to fasten the 1×6’s to the 2×6’s on the edge. Jen had mentioned to me that the edges should be cubby’s to hold DVD’s.


I used a cherry stain on the plywood to give it contrast from the white pine edges (which would later accept a clear polyurethane).


…Stay Tuned for MORE!!….