So after making the base, the backboard, and the edges for the DVD cubby’s I cut out the very top piece. Since my arc construction with a string was rather unsuccessful, I freehanded it with a pencil, but still ended up working the arc with the belt sander. The picture below shows it already primed (Oil base primer).


After cutting out that piece and priming it, the real work started. The base where the Blu-ray player and cable box would be placed I wanted to look heavy in the sense of balance and aesthetics. So instead of using just 2×8’s I planed down two of them, and glued them together to make one big piece.



I puttied the ends and the top to fill in the gaps. On the vertical legs, I put the fence on my Delta Jointer at a slight angle to get close to the arc when it was all put together. I used pocket screws to fasten the legs to the horizontal piece from the inside.


In these photos you can see that I took some thin pieces of 2×6, planed it down to 1/2 and mitered the edge to it fit the bottom of the entertainment center edges. I did this so it looks like columns when it’s all together.


Again I used an oil based primer tinted dark gray so when I put the black paint on it, it will cover better. I use oil based since when it dries, it’s very hard, and its sandable (new word: definition: can be sanded Smile).

After this, and a few days of Jen and I sniffing fumes, I had all the pieces ready to go together for assembly. Part 4 is the assembly and grand viewing.