I like repeating clients, especially when they get pretty much the same thing again. For a co-worker at my day job/career, she had me make her a headboard a few years ago for her “nautical room.”

She had me make just the frame of her new headboard, which she planned on covering herself with cushion material and putting those buttons in to make a “tufted pillow” headboard.

It was pretty simple design, but figuring out where the holes would go for her buttons was the most challenging part. Sketchup made it easy to design and layout; after I had it made perfectly in the computer program then it was easy to transpose the hole scheme on the headboard.

Since the headboard was going to be covered with fabric and pillow stuffing, the wood that it was made out of didn’t have to be anything fancy, just structural enough to not warp, and to hold the staples from where the buttons go through on the backside.

I made a cleat to go on the wall, and a frame around the backside to as a standoff from the wall so the cleat would grab, and have the headboard look like it was flush against the wall.