Project Description

What a friend and group of friends from the bridal party. The Ginty’s received this cabinet from said friends, well after the wedding date. It took us many hours to get the design done, and then also had to farm out the vectorizing of the JPG to Fiverr (well worth it). I’m not that good with corel-draw, so getting it 90% to where I needed it to be was well worth the $5 spent on the Ginty Family Crest.

Once the pattern was cut thought, I still had to do a fair amount of hand cutting with an Xacto knife to get it all done. After the singular stencil was applied to the cabinet, I started with the walnut stain color. Then layer by layer, and hand cutting, I applied the Black stain, and then the shaker maple after weeding out other sections, and then the other light brown color to make it all happen. With a combination of foam brushes and small paint brushes, it took about 4 hours to complete the staining. Glad this one is behind me!

Given the complication of this design, future ones like it will be upcharged from standard pricing.