Project Description

The Lutes ordered this cabinet for their newly renovated game room in their home. Luckily, they were very understanding of the time frame we laid out, given my wife and I just had new baby boy. This clearly delayed the Lute carved L dart cabinet by an extra 2-3 weeks. They let me know the cabinet arrived safely, and they’d send pictures as soon as it was hung up.

It’s made from maple, and we did our best to match the stain color. The sample they gave me was a piece of poplar crown molding, which is a much more porous wood vs maple, so the penetrating stain didnt go quite as dark as we wanted. I actually used a min-wax dark walnut penetrating stain, and then the more red-toned “american walnut” stain I was instructed to get. Blending the two stains together was rather simple, as the oil based stains give you some time forgiveness and open work time.

The corks were from the Lutes as well. Their grandparents had corks that they really wanted to include; and then they had a pile of their own. In the box we receive, it was 1st 2nd and 3rd round picks of corks, and we cut what we needed to make it happen and sprinkle/diversify the different corks around the cabinet.