Project Description

Sometimes the box it comes in is more meaningful than the actual gift. John made a Pandora Bracelet box for his wife to hold the jewelry he gave her. It has a sliding lid and makes a great travel box for other earrings and things.

My wife’s birthday is in March (every year too!), and she finished her bachelors degree online about that same time. As a reward, we took a trip to a bed and breakfast in the Charlottesville area in Virginia, did some wine tastings, and gave her the box during that trip.

She had no idea I had made it for her. I designed the box in Sketchup first, and worked out all the dimensions there before cutting a piece of wood. I designed the Pandora bracelet box logo in CorelDraw, and printed for a life size pattern to copy on the wood before carving the lid.

She now uses the sturdy wooden box as her traveling jewelry chest. It stores a good amount of necklaces and earrings, all protected well from a quality box.