A friend of the family recently got married, and my sister-in-law threw the bridal shower. The idea was for all the ladies that were coming to the shower, was to bring a favorite recipe and write it down on a certain size recipe card. All of the recipe boxes my sister-in-law found were entirely too large or too small, or were just plain gaudy.

I was assigned the task of making a custom size recipe box for the specific size cards for the shower.

I originally was going to use pine boards to construct the box, but the only thickness pine comes in is ¾” thick and varying widths. making a smaller recipe box required thinner pieces of wood. I ended up going to the store and getting ½ thick Tulip Poplar stock.

Open box

I took the dimensions off the recipe cards that were to be used and did a rough sketch of all the different pieces. The only part that required any type of hardware was the flip up lid, which I used finishing nails with a similar size pre-drill as to not split the wood.

I glued all of the joints together like I do on my dart board drawers. The TiteBond glue is actually stronger than the wood itself, and if something breaks its usually next to a glue joint. Amazing stuff!

To make it a JohnCanMakeIt true project, I did a little carving on the lid to make it one of a kind.

IMG_0017 v carved lettering letter carving