As is custom, we made something that is totally new to us. We tried our hand at a wood wedding cake stand. The bride (sister in law), had a very laid back wedding that just begged for a cake stand that only John can make.

The wedding cake stand needed to be about 13″ diameter (edge to edge), so I found a log out in the yard that gave me 14″, leaving an inch (in theory) on either side of the cake. Slice and dice with the chainsaw, then the sanding began.

I used chisels, belt sander, and electric hand planer to shave down the wood after the rough cut chain saw down to the super smooth surface. Getting it to shine was pretty easy, but since the log was green, I had to fight the sap wood as it was trying to dry.

Several coats of lacquer, and then shellac gave me the finish I was looking for; happy bride and they now have it as a centerpiece on the coffee table.  Since it’s made of oak, this sucker was HEAVY–easily 40lbs, but hopefully it dries out without cracking too terribly and lightens up.


Those kids….