The most frustrating part of ordering a custom item is poor communication from the company. We emphasize the “service” part in our incredible customer service. You will be kept up to date with your order, from the initial conversation, to when it arrives on your doorstep.

The most effective way to get in touch with us is via email: [email protected]

You can also contact us via our Facebook page, and also sign up for the email alerts from new projects that we build on our blog–always something fun on the workbench.

What to include in your message:

Description of something you’d like made: Describe it with words, a link to something you saw on Pinterest, or a paper sketch of that “thing” you’d like built for the corner in your kitchen–let’s get the conversation started. Your questions will be answered promptly.

Time frame:

When do you need your item by? If you need a 8 person table built for next week’s family dinner, we’ll need more time!


I’m willing to work with you on pricing, but we need to be open about the costs and expenses of building custom projects. Certain woods are more expensive than others, but we can give you a few options and work around wants vs. needs. Shipping will be a factor for some items too–shipping a dart board cabinet across the country is upwards of $70 with crate/freight, but we are willing to work with you on finding the most cost effective way of doing business.