Maple Walnut Dart Cabinet with drawers

///Maple Walnut Dart Cabinet with drawers

Maple Walnut Dart Cabinet with drawers


Only 1 left in stock

Beautiful one of a kind spalted maple and black walnut dart cabinet with integrated wine cork backstop and chalk board scoring charts. Once it’s in your shopping cart, it’s your’s forever.

Only 1 left in stock


For years we’ve been selling our popular customizable dart cabinets, putting monograms and various designs across the door fronts. The only downside to those cabinets is the quality of wood used; the ever available pine at Home Depot and Lowes has knots and defects. It does finish well  with our world class finishing techniques, but it’s still lackluster in comparison to this Maple Walnut Dart cabinet with drawers.

This cabinet features a one of a kind drawer cubby system for darts, and an added drawer for holding chalk. We even trimmed the finger pull with maple, for an extra added one of a kind feel.

The walnut wood came from Bland County, Virginia, and fell back in 2011. It w as cut up on a woodmizer saw mill and has been drying ever since. The maple tree came down in 2014 during a hurricane. We volunteered to help the family remove the tree (to be nice and to get the wood!).

This is a one of a kind item available for purchase, ready to ship, and shipping is free!! The quality viper board is surrounded by wine corks. It can be removed and replaced with your current dart board, or order a nicer one like a Winamu; simply remove the screws from the back and install the new dart board.

Our cabinets, whether a customizeable dart cabinet, or a ready to hang pre-finished piece like this maple and walnut dart cabinet with drawers, all use the very simple cleat method for hanging flush against the wall. Simply attach the inverse side of the cleat to the wall using sheet rock anchors, or screws into the studs inside your wall (the cleat itself is 20″ wide, so you’ll have some flexibility of wall placement since most studs are 16″ on center from each other. Then, the cleat has room inside the cabinet that is 24″ wide on the inside if you need to gently move it left or right for proper placement).

We used a beautiful polyurethane finish to really enhance the the wood grain. Black walnut is an exquisite wood when finished, and the spalts in the maple make it very visually appealing.

If you have any questions, please let us know!

Additional information

Weight 70 lbs
Dimensions 38 × 29 × 6 in


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