Bullet Peg Jump

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Bullet Peg Jump


In stock (can be backordered)

Yes, the most manly coffee table game you can ever own. Straight up baller. Real wood. Real once fired brass.

Configure your options below, picking your wood type, hole size, finish sheet and if you need brass.

In stock (can be backordered)

“Peg” size (Size of hole) *

Pick the hole size for your bullet cases (i.e. small or large) | Does NOT include brass

Wood Type *

Pick from stained wood or real hardwoods

Finish sheen *

You pick how glossy or flat you want it

Add Brass *

Buy from us, or use what you have, it’s your choice! (You’ll get enough to play the game and a few extras in case you lose some)


Novelty items seem to make their way to the coffee table all too often, but some just lack manliness. As a big 2nd amendment advocate, this is why we developed the traditional peg jump game and adapted it to the times, using rifle and pistol cases as our “pegs.” No longer suffer under the white color of golf tee’s; use real brass shell cases.

Just like at your favorite breakfast joint, you can have a peg jump rifle case game on your coffee table or breakfast nook pub. We used picked up brass off the range off the range, or you can use your spent brass from the ‘ol ’06, 308 or 6.5 Creedmoor.

Naturally, you can use just about any rifle caliber, as long as the case will fit in the hole which measures 3/8″ diameter.

Wood choice: we like to use real wood (not particle board), so as it comes available, we’ll stock Cedar, Pine, Oak, Walnut and Maple.


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